Wednesday, October 15, 2008

so many cliches so little time

umm well errr there's really no good excuse for the lapse in my blog - lazy, tired, moving, packing, traveling come to mind but really there isn't a good excuse. So I'll try to be committed once again. to the blog.
A lot has happened in the past few months - sold our house, stashed the cash and are now "renters". It's a new experience for us to walk into our "home" and not have to deal with any of the issues - HVAC went out - Call the property manager, the toilet's not working call the prop manager - it really is convenient but still takes some getting used to when it's not "really" ours.
Bunny continues to astound us with her vocabulary, comprehension and ideas. Constant amazement at the G house.
My brother's family was here for a quick visit - it was great to finally have them here and be able to spend some time with all of them and not have to run all over the country (province) visiting the rest of my family when we go north.......
It was so nice to have Bunny spend time with her big cousins who would do everything for her if she would let them. Adoration goes both ways with them. Ahh youth.....

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