Thursday, July 3, 2008

where does it go?

If Time flies - and it really does, where does it go? It's insane that I haven't typed since May - been busy traveling and procrastinating I guess.
My 4-0 is fast approaching and I'm still fine with it. Friends are having a party for me - catered and bartender! so I'm very excited about having some food and drinks with friends and SURPRISE my sis and hubby are coming too. They say it's for my bday but I know it's really because my sis misses Bunny. We're also hoping to get an offer for a position in NM for G. He's very excited about it and it seems like some weight has lifted - I think he was doubting himself a lot as far as the ability to reenter his "field" now that the demise of the OTHER place is in sight it's perfect timing as he says to "ride off into the sunset"

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