Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and so on...

my curiousty is piqued by glimpses into vegetarian/vegan lifestyle - amazed that so many people find it almost offensive, cult like or a religious sect. I'm just grossed out by meat. Fortunately G supports it 100% and since he does the grocery shopping actually chose to shop at his least favourite store because it had the best "green/organic/vegetarian" selection. Lucky girl. He also perused some veggie cookbooks that we have to find interesting recipes that he would want to try (did I mention that he cooks too?) Bunny however has no interest in veggie burgers, soy milk or the "other" milk right now. She's definitely heading into independence with a vengeance.
Next step discipline and counting That's 1, That's 2, That's 3 take 5 (which she'll only get 2 minutes) we'll see how it goes.

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