Friday, April 25, 2008

Gross - you're gonna eat THAT?

I recently purchased a book that I thought was light, fluffy fiction -So wrong! It's about adopting a vegan lifestyle and how it is the only way to be skinny. In order to get to the "skinny" part it takes you through all the different reasons not to eat meat, dairy, seafood etc. Effective like you wouldn't believe because as much as I love my red meat and cheese and everything else I can't even think about letting any of it cross my lips.
I did learn very quickly that it's not easy or cheap! to be vegan so I'm guessing it will be baby steps and hopefully a healthier lifestyle.
Our house is switching to soy milk - because the other stuff is just disgusting....and I have loaded up on fake meat, burgers, sausage and will learn to love them....

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