Monday, May 17, 2010

Over a year - really?

wow, we've settled into Santa Fe so easily it's surprising that it's been over a year. We're so fortunate to have amazing friends that are the complete "hang out" people even in sweats/pajamas/bad hair etc. The kind of friends we have in other parts of the world. All of them are so special and dear to us. Just knowing that we have the ability to still meet "lifers" in our mid 40's says something I think.
Bunny is amazing - loves school, has her best friends, is still mummy's girl but loves to hang out with daddy. She is such an amazing mix of girl/boy/and dog.... or any animal of the week/day.
G loves work although field work is better than office any day he adores ( not his words) his team mates and leaders.
I have been a SAHM for almost 6 months and while it has benefitted me and us so much I'm ready to embrace a new job and hope that it meets my every expectation...... realized that I am not in love with corporate America but in love with people and companies that actually make a difference and stick to their beliefs... for me it's organic and non- profit right now I'll accept organic and work towards non profit.

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